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December 22, 2011

The pig that popped my Christmas


Jeffersonville —

My son has more than enough. One more game that will no doubt have pieces missing before the new year is not worth the chase.

The fact that I am choosing not to “pig-out” on what appears to be the most coveted game around is not lost on me. I wish I could wear the honor in a noble manner, claiming I chose not to participate in the commercialism that oozes through our holiday season; but, really, I’m just worn out.

We are fortunate; there will be other gifts under the tree, plenty of food on the table, and much love all around. One less pig in the house won’t be missed.

Besides, when my young son looks at me with questioning eyes, wondering where his Pop the Pig game is, we’ll both know who’s to blame.

Santa Claus.


Amy Gesenhues is a columnist for the News and Tribune in Jeffersonville, Ind. Contact her at . You can read her daily commentaries at


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