The Washington Times-Herald

December 5, 2011

Oklahoma State questions 'eye test' for BCS title game


Stillwater — Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy said Monday he doesn't understand the "eye test" ESPN analysts used to determine Alabama instead of his Cowboys are the second best team in the country and deserve to play in the BCS title game against LSU.

"I don't understand what the eye test has to do with anybody making a decision on who should be in that (championship) game," said Gundy. "I'm disappointed we don't have an opportunity to settle that league (SEC) versus this league (Big 12)."

Oklahoma State finished slightly behind Alabama for the No. 3 ranked spot, and will face No. 4 Stanford University in the Fiesta Bowl.

Alabama, which lost at home to LSU by three points in overtime on Nov. 5, won the right to a rematch with undefeated LSU, the No. 1 ranked team, even though Oklahoma State had more wins against ranked teams during the season.

Oklahoma State, like Alabama, lost only one game during the season, to unranked Iowa State in double overtime on Nov. 18.

Yet the Cowboys were hopeful of moving ahead of Alabama in the BCS bowl rankings on the basis of their trouncing of No. 10 ranked Oklahoma Saturday in the Big 12 championship game.

Oklahoma State had a more difficult regular season schedule than Alabama, and even finished ahead of the Crimson Tide in five of the seven computer scores that comprise the BCS point system.

Nevertheless, sportscasters and analysts that voted in the BCS polls gave the edge to Alabama on the strength of its three-point overtime loss against an LSU team that dominated every other team it played this season.

ESPN ayalyst Kirk Herbstreit said Alabama passed the eye test of being the second best team even though it had lost to LSU.

Oklahoma State's Gundy responded that the "eye test" surely wasn't used to allow Secretariat to participate in horse racing's Triple Crown competition in 1973.

"That would have done it for Secretariat, I guess," he said. "They wouldn't let her have a shot at it."


Details for this story were provided by the Stillwater, Okla., NewsPress.