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January 16, 2012

5 tips to help you land a new job in 2012


Take advantage of social media: If your Facebook profile is all play and no work, or if your LinkedIn page is ghost town, it's time to brush up on your digital networking skills. Job seekers should maintain an active, relevant presence on both sites, according to Jobfox, and they should use the sites to make as many connections as possible.

"Here is the real one-two punch: Target your resume to the job you want and get that resume into the hands of the hiring manager through a reference," said Peggy Padalino, VP of sales and client services at Jobfox. "Your chances of landing that job just skyrocketed past your competition."

Network, network, network: It's important to follow through with all leads, no matter how small. Jobfox says research shows that lengthy periods of unemployment are directly related to passive approaches to job searching. The best skills and most impressive experience are not always enough on their own – a large network ensures that your name and resume land in front of as many hiring managers as possible. Reach out to colleagues past and present to foster second and third-degree connections, and remember that traditional courtesies – like a thank-you note after an interview or networking meeting – can still go a long way in maintaining good relationships.

Be patient, but persistent: Hiring cycles are still long and drawn out, according to Be patient after your first interview -- there are lots of variables that go into making a hiring decision. On the other hand, persistence pays off -- don't assume that simply submitting your resume to an online applicant tracking system will ensure it will be seen by the right people. calls this the "resume black hole" and says it's smart to find another way to get your resume in front of an actual person.

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