The Board of Commissioners of Daviess County will receive sealed bids until 9:00 a.m., local time, on August 13, 2007 at the Daviess County Auditor’s office at the Courthouse, Washington, Indiana 47501, for the machine placement of a concrete surface on County Road 300W, north of 450S. The bids will be opened that day in the Commissioners’ meeting.

Bidders shall submit a unit price bid per square foot for the slipform machine placement of concrete consisting of a 20’ wide, 7” thick, and approximately 1.06 miles in length section.

Complete detailed specifications and locations are available at the Daviess County Highway Department office located at 5247E 100N, Montgomery, Indiana, (812) 444-5798.

Form #96, with the non collusion affidavit executed and notarized, must be completed and submitted by all bidders along with a certified check or bid bond equal to (10) ten percent of the bid.

A performance bond will not be required on this project although the bid bond will be retained for one year after completion of the concrete paving.

A payment bond will be required to ensure payment of material supplied to the bidder. This bond is executed by the bidder to Daviess County in an amount equal to the contract price, and its surety cannot be released for one year after final settlement with bidder.

The Daviess County Industrial Revolving Fund will pay for this project in he following manner: $250,000 will be paid just after the first of the month in the month following the completion of the project and the remainder will be paid on or before January 31, 2008.

Contractor’s Comprehen-sive General Liability insurance, Comprehensive Automo-bile Liability insurance, and Owner’s and Contractor’s Protective Liability insurance shall be provided by the bidder in the amounts and limits set in the detailed specifications.

The bidder shall indemnify, defend, exculpate, and hold harmless Daviess County as outlined in the “Responsibility for damage claims” section of the detailed specifications.

As per I.C. 5-16-7, the Common Construction Wage scale for this project was determined on January 16, 2007. A copy of this determination is available at the Daviess County Highway Department.

The Daviess County Com-missioners reserve the right to reject any and all bids.

Gail Doades, Auditor

Daviess County

July 25-Aug. 1, 2007

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