I’m a little sad that the start of July means students will be heading back to class in about a month; however, June was just less than desirable for me.

It all started the second week of the month when Reggie the Camaro ended up with a totally deflated tire while on the way to the Beloved Boyfriend’s. Somewhere, in a construction zone, I had managed to run over a piece of metal around Bloomington. I almost immediately realized he was driving a little funny and pulled off to check for issues. Nothing seemed unusual at that point so I continued my trek to Brown County. Along the hills and hollers, I started noticing the car began sounding a little more like an airplane than a race car. Unfortunately, there just wasn’t a good place to pull over and since I was only about 10 minutes away from my destination, I thought I’d just get there and deal with the issue.

Just two miles before my destination, the low tire pressure light finally came on. I pulled into a gas station and immediately heard a loud hissing noise. I knew then it was not going to be a good weekend. By the time the air machine was available, the tire was about half flat and spewing. I managed to make it the two miles to the Beloved Boyfriend’s and hit the OnStar button only to be told that because my car has no spare, there’s nothing they can do to help except offer a tow. On a Saturday night, a tow truck wouldn’t do me much good. We decided the best case scenario was to take the tire off and get it to a repair shop and drive the car to the dealership Monday for a new tire. That plan, while well executed, also failed.

First thing Monday morning, I made a phone call, found a tow truck and sent the car packing to Seymour. I needed a new tire on the passenger side and a new rim on the driver’s side due to another issue. Good news was, I didn’t have to pay for any of this. It was all covered under warranty, even the tow.

The bad news was right after I got off the phone with the dealership, a rock flew off a coal truck and busted the window on my other car. Insurance took care of the windshield but apparently I slammed on my brakes so hard after seeing rocks flying at my face that I warped the rotors and had to have them replaced — that was not free but it was cheaper than I expected.

I ended up driving the Beloved Boyfriend’s truck a few days that week. I had no issues with it until Friday when I nearly took out one deer going to work and another on the way home.

Cautiously optimistic, I really thought things couldn’t get much worse but they did. I managed to be the sole victim in a brief fight between Ellie Mae and Sophie the sort of stray dog who lives in my yard. The dogs just scared each other and are fine now but my finger, well, it’s a work in progress. I’m finding typing with a splint is particularly challenging, but there is a silver lining. I haven’t been able to hoe melons or turn vines. You just sometimes forget what you use those index fingers for.

Lindsay is optimistic that July will be better. Five days in and she hasn’t encountered any additional car issues or dog fights.

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