It’s a little hard for me to believe it’s already the end of the first week of September but that’s OK. Outside of 4-H Show week, September is my favorite time of the year to be out and about in the community.

Thursday started with a trip to the White River Valley Antique Association Antique Show in Elnora. I had a chance to check out dozens of flea market vendors, the Homespun Handcrafters Market and meet several wonderful people who share my passion for agriculture and all things old (for the record, I have now had two opportunities to drive my International Cub). I also enjoyed an awesome marinated pork chop sandwich while I was there and had a chance to chat with several readers who asked when I would be sharing more stories of the Beloved Boyfriend (more on him later).

In the evening, I headed over to Montgomery to watch the Times Herald’s own Hazel Rodimel run the turkey in the annual media race. While Hazel and Tim E.S. Herald did not win, they did cross the finish line and I had the honor of carrying sweet Tim back down the 100-foot-long track to the cages. I also enjoyed a lemon shakeup before heading back to the office.

Friday, I had the pleasure of attending the 23rd annual Fourth Grade Farm Fair at the Daviess County 4-H grounds in Eastside Park. I always enjoy seeing the kiddos learn about new things and see the animals up close. I was also particularly interested in what Gerald Apple had to say about honey bees and how pollination can impact the size of the crops.

Next weekend the festivities will continue with the 20th Century Chevy Cruiz-In and Car Show and the following week I’ll head out to Dinky’s in search of treasures mostly in the form of old farm implements, copper kettles and farm bells during the Fall Machinery, Carriage and Antique Auction. That week will wrap up with Healthy Seniors Day on Sept. 27 and the Wine and Brew Fest on Sept. 28.

Attending all these festivals and events is part of what makes my job so fun. I’m out of the office, I get meet all kinds of people and most importantly, more times than not, I also get to share their stories with our readers.

As for the Beloved Boyfriend...he has a new goal. He wants to become a barbecue pit master. I think there’s a good chance he’s been watching a few too many barbecue shows on TV but since he doesn’t want to purchase a certain type Traeger Grill until February or March, there’s still plenty of time for him to change his mind. My only concern who will he be cooking for on a grill that can hold 30-plus burgers, five racks of ribs and who knows what else?

He tells me he’d like to start with pulled pork and eventually work up to mastering brisket. I’m going to guess there’s going to be quite a bit of trial and error along the way but we will see.

While the Beloved Boyfriend dreams of a big grill filled with smoked meats, Lindsay is hoping the temperatures stay nice enough she can finish out the farmer’s market season without having to wear layers.

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