Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year. I love the colors; the food is always tremendous and I love the family time, and I like it that we actually take a day to remember all that we have to be grateful for.

At my house, we don’t decorate for Christmas until the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This year that happens to fall late in the year, but oh well!

Defaulting to Pinterest like we busy moms do, I found an idea to try to give more meaning to the month of November and perhaps slow us down just a bit each day to remember our blessings. Hence, we have the “Pumpkin of Gratefulness,” adorning the kitchen bar. It’s where we congregate and you can’t pass a day without passing the pumpkin – of the white variety. Nearby you will find the black Sharpie.

I first explained this project on Nov. 1— that we would each write down something we are thankful for each day in November, meaning that a week from now we should have 120 items on the pumpkin. This of course was met with rolling eyes, and comments like, “Mom, are you serious?” to “This might be the stupidest thing we’ve ever done.” But now, just more than three weeks in, it’s become a more serious process, whereby we are trying to outdo each other with the better creative thinking.

With just a week to go, some of our blessings so far include:

• Coffee

• Fall weather

• School

• Grandpa Dwight

• My friend Colleen

• Snowball (the family pet)

• Long, hot showers

• Notre Dame

• Amber DeCoursey

• My teachers

• Health

• Neighbors

• Aunt Chetzy

• Friends

• Our vehicles

• Food

• My co-workers

• My job

• Small group

• Family

• Sports

• Shelter

• My friend Emma D.

• Bible Memory Camp

• Shelter

• Strong friendships

• My aunts

• My Godly mother

• God’s Word

• My BFF

• Safety

• God’s promises

• Coach Jeff

• Tik Tok

• A nice house

• Uncles

• Emojis

• Camping

• Shopping

• Jesus

• My church

• Pastor Kevin

• Snow

• Our church

• Junior Youth

• The 3 A’s (a friend group)

• Barr-Reeve Schools

• Democracy

• My dog

• Grace

• My Bible

• Nieces

• Nephews

• My soul mate

• My girls

• My wife

• S.H.O.P. (gym class)

• Grandma Dixie

• My sister

• Kendall (Miller)

• Providence Youth

It’s been a meaningful exercise so far, and perhaps I am the “stupidest Mom ever,” but my intention is to raise my daughters with hearts of gratefulness. Someday they may be their own version of a Pinterest Mom and have their own “Pumpkin of Gratefulness.”

My advice: Slow down and take a minute each day this pre-Thanksgiving week and remember what it is that you’re grateful for. Count your blessings!

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