Trevin Alford successfully completed a cake transplant to claim the Season 7 Kid’s Baking Championship prize of $25,000, awarded during Monday night’s Food Network baking season finale.

Alford, who undoubtedly is Washington’s most prolific 13-year-old resident, overcame a soupy cake by replacing the uncooked batter and filling in the gap with a smaller cake baked as a contingency. His resourcefulness propelled him to the championship in which he outlasted eight other contestants.

In front of more than 150 people, Trevin smiled and waved once the announcement was made. It was a moment of relief.

Trevin and his parents, David and Carrie, all were extremely nervous prior to the airing of the finale.

“I’m a nervous wreck,” David reported about an hour before the telecast was to begin, “and I don’t know why I am nervous because I know the outcome.”

Carrie Alford, who witnessed the baking championship conducted in California, also was nervous and could not contain her emotions once the champion was announced.

All of the Alfords, Trevin included, were stunned initially when the decision was announced.

“I never thought I was going to win. I would have been crazy to have thought that,” Trevin said after the hoopla subsided in Bethany Church’s Youth Room.

His mother had similar thoughts.

“Never once,” was Carrie’s response when asked at what point during the competition she thought Trevin would win.

She believed in Trevin and together, they agreed the experience would be one in which Trevin would do his best and enjoy the moment.

And, enjoy the moment he did, once the baking competitions were over.

“It’s surreal to watch myself on television,” Trevin said. He added his time participating as a contestant didn’t seem long at all, primarily because the competitions were so intense his focus had to be laser-like.

Time seemed to creep by, though, as he (and the other contestants) had to wait for judge’s decisions each episode. While the contestants are featured individually for just a few minutes when they face the two judges, real time in front of the two judges is approximately 30 minutes.

Time also seems to have dragged since the conclusion of taping, which occurred in May. Results were to be a closely-held secret. In fact, parents of contestants had to sign an agreement in which they promised to not divulge results or face a fine of $750,000.

The Alfords kept the secret and emotions flowed once the winner was announced.

“We are so proud of him,” grandparents David and Tammy Alford and Beth Eskew said prior to the telecast. They, too, were nervous about the outcome.

Nervous excitement abounded for most of the adults prior to the telecast as the youth room held more people than ever.

The nervousness was lost on some of Trevin’s friends, though, as they saw the night as just another night to hang out as buddies.

Two of Trevin’s friends, Peyton Hamdan and William Merold, lacked nervousness and said they were looking forward to watching the episode with Trevin. They both say Trevin is the same now as he was prior to the championship.

Carrie Alford disagrees.

“Trevin has confidence in everyday life now,” she said. “Prior to the competition he didn’t have confidence in his social skills.”

His appearance on the program has elevated him to celebrity. He has used his new-found fame to help six different charities.

Each week a “watch party” was held in Bethany Church’s Youth Room and those who attended could make a free-will donation; money donated was given to charities. The charities included: Skivvies of Kiddies, an Indiana project that provides underwear for child victims of domestic violence; Dollar Difference, a Bethany Church project that donates to those who have been stricken by health issues or loss of family members; Friends For Animals; Hatchets Helping Hatchets; Feed My Sheep, and, purchase of school supplies for the needy.

The charities were a way for Trevin to repay the support given to him.

“This has been a roller coaster ride,” Carrie said. “And the entire community has made this such an amazing experience.”

The ride is not complete as Trevin will make guest appearances and even will be honored with a Trevin Alford Day in Washington.

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