It’s time to start thinking about what you would like to exhibit in the Home Economics open class at the Martin County Fair., as check in is less than a month away — to be exact it will be Tuesday, July 9, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Below are a list of the sections for each department that you can exhibit from, please refer to the open class booklet for the full rules and regulations for each department.

If you like to bake then we have a wide range of sections that you can pick from to exhibit in the Baking Department: cakes (exhibit a whole product), no mixes; cookies (exhibit four cookies); bread (exhibit a whole loaf) or rolls (4) (yeast recipe only, no bread machine); quick loaf, four muffins or biscuits (non-yeast); pies (exhibit a whole pie); candy (exhibit four pieces); snack (i.e. puppy chow, trail mix, Chex mix, etc., exhibit two cups); create-with-a mix, using a mix create your own cake. Use at least three other ingredients in addition to those called for in the mix (exhibit the whole product).

If you garden and/or grow flowers, you can show off your green thumb in the open class Flower and Horticulture Departments. Flower Department: cut flowers (single bloom-flowers from your garden, zinnia, marigold, gladioli, roses (any variety), dahlia, coxcomb, sunflower, any cut flower. Potted plants (any potted plant or house plant including hanging baskets) Foliage: blooming, cactus, African violet. Arrangements: fresh (no bought flowers). Wildflowers: kitchen arrangement (no artificial flowers). Horticulture Department (please name the variety of your vegetable): vegetables — beans, exhibit 12, (bush, green or pole); cabbage, one head; corn, four ears sweet (shucks on); cucumbers, four (any type) slicing/pickling; onions, four (any type); peppers, four (any type); potatoes, four (any type); squash, one (any type); tomatoes, four (any type). Other; garden basket (variety of seven vegetables); fruits — apples, four; peaches, four; cherries, one cup; blackberries, one cup; blueberries, one cup

Canning Department: fruits, single jar; fruits, collection (three different varieties of fruit); vegetables, single jar; vegetables, collection (three different varieties of vegetables); pickled beets; pickled cucumber (any style); pickled relish; preserves, single jar any type; preserves, three varieties; jellies, three varieties; jellies, single jar (any type); salsa.

If you like taking pictures of your family, pets, mother nature, etc., then you can show off those talents by exhibiting those in the photography department.

Photography Department (digital photographs in black and white, sepia or color): nature (scenery, wild animals, wildflowers, etc.); flowers; portraits (picture must include people); collage collection of pictures (at least three pictures on a central theme, displayed on one sheet); animals (pets, zoo, domestic); structures (building, bridges, etc.); action shot.

If you are crafty and would like to show off your talents, we give you that opportunity in the Needlework, Quilts, Handicraft and Fine Arts Departments.

Quilts Department: hand or machine quilted, pieced, appliqued, embroidered, over 25 years old; cooperative quilt pieced by one person and quilted by another or machine quilted. Other quilted items such as garments, pillows, wall hangings, baby quilts. Needlework Department: afghans (knitted or crocheted), crochet, knitting, embroidery and cross stitch. Sewing: garments, pillows, handbags, stuffed animals, etc.); other (macrame, needlepoint). Handicraft Department: any holiday (handmade decorations); needlepoint (plastic); woodcraft; paint-by-number or other printed item; recycling for reuse, taking something that is not being used and making it into something useful again. (i.e. rags into rugs, two liter bottles into bird feeders); iems made with a die cutting machine (example Cricut, silhoute, etc.); using paper, using vinyl, heat transfer vinyl. Miscellaneous: flowers (can be one single or an arrangement, or real flowers), made from silk or paper. Wreaths (any kind). Ceramics from molds, painting on saws, stone, wood, etc. Fine Arts Department: painting or drawing portrait, animal, sea/landscape. Children’s art (age 12 and under). Miscellaneous (sculpture, hand built ceramics, waxed media, etc.)

Open class booklets can be picked up in Shoals at the Old National Bank, Velma’s Diner and Chastain’s Flowers. In Loogootee at the German American and Old National banks, Hometown IGA, Williams Bros. Health Care and Hometown Flowers & Gifts. Also on Facebook at Martin County Home Economics Open Class Exhibits.

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