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Vincennes’ Nasty Boyz debut album, only available on YouTube, is called “Livin Nasty.”

VINCENNES — Nick Lechner, a Vincennes native, didn’t consider himself a musician for most of his life. However, with an 11-track rap album recently released and another on the way, he and his group Nasty Boyz are hoping to change that.

“It’s something for us to do together and stay out of trouble,” Lechner said. The “us” he refers to are his groupmates, Steve Sweigart, Sean Westfall, George Schaffer and Billy Anon.

“It just started this summer. I took time to recover from an accident, and Steve took the time to make beats. It was something I could work on while I recovered physically,” said Lechner. “Rapping helped my voice and helped me get back to health.”

Influenced by sounds of Beastie Boys and Eazy-E, the Nasty Boyz aren’t taking themselves too seriously. “We thought we were being silly and having fun. We never thought we’d be artists. It’s mostly free-style stuff, and we make our own beats.”

After composing their first album using mostly computer-generated beats, Lechner is trying to find other musicians to contribute to their sound.

“We’re trying to get more actual instruments,” he said. “I have a friend from Louisiana who is playing some riffs for us — piano, trumpet.”

Their debut album, “Livin Nasty,” came out two weeks ago, and now Lechner hopes to focus on filming a music video.

“We want make a video with Cameron Campbell, who’s a dancer who has worked with One Republic. He’s very talented. And I have a friend who actually worked on ‘The Walking Dead’ to shoot the video. We’re trying to pull all the people that we can to help. We want this to be a friend-centric project.”

Altogether, Lechner says Nasty Boyz have about 75 songs that are done and “album-worthy.” The plan is to release a second 11-track record as soon as possible. “We’re just tired of the same kind of music. We want to try to be more real. There’s not a whole lot to do here [in Vincennes], so this is what we’ve been doing, not going around and acting like idiots.”

As far as live shows go, the rap group has had offers, but so far they have no plans to perform.

“Some friends have asked,” Lechner said. “I mean, we’re called ‘Nasty Boyz.’ You don’t want us playing at a kid’s birthday party. Our goal right now is just to get people to like us, listen to us on YouTube, and have people appreciate our music.”

Lechner admits that the content of their music is not for everyone, but that’s more or less part of the point.

“It’s for a specific segment of people, guys who grew up listening to, like, Beastie Boys. Our thing is ‘It’s not good, it’s not bad, it’s just nasty.’”

“Livin Nasty” can be found on YouTube. The song lyrics contain explicit content.

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