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The beginning of August brings with it the most pleasant summer temperatures. Early mornings arrive with an almost chilly air and I throw on a long-sleeve shirt before I step out the door for my morning dog walk. The coolness sweeps through the open windows of our house and everything feels a little cleaner, fresher, sharper. As the sun rises and throws its rays, the temperature climbs along with it. But the air is dry and clear and remains comfortable.

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Because of the infrequency in time and location of total solar eclipses, scientists historically have had difficulty studying broad, controlled data collections on eclipse-related animal behavior. But with the advent of smartphone technology, researchers are looping in citizen scientists to help record the effects of solar eclipses. 

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LINDA and JAMES MATTINGLY — A joint funeral service for married couple Linda Grace (Helm) Mattingly and James Vernon Mattingly was held Saturday at Ed Lee Mortuary, North Chapel, with Debbie Payne officiating. A private service is being planned for a later date.