CARMEL — Primary voting will be completed on Tuesday in the congressional seats that opened up with the retirements of Democrat U.S. Rep. Pete Visclosky and Republican U.S. Rep. Susan Brooks. They are leaving Indiana’s two urban districts that mirror each other. The Cook Partisan Index lists Visclosky’s 1st District +9 Democrat and Brooks’ 5th District +9 Republican, but Democrats believe that district has become more competitive.

The “Anvil Chorus” is the English name for the Coro di Zingari (Italian for “Gypsy chorus”) from act 2, scene 1 of Giuseppe Verdi’s 1853 opera “Il Trovatore.” It depicts Spanish Gypsies striking their anvils at dawn and singing the praises of hard work, good wine and Gypsy women.

If the media buzz is true, the Trump administration will use the solemn occasion of Memorial Day weekend to further expand the disastrous trade war with China. This time, the president will use the global pandemic as an excuse to restrict imports of medicine and medical devices.

As the lone recycling drop-off option, the Vigo County Solid Waste Management District's site is getting overwhelmed with recyclables. An equally large complication has been the number of people putting trash in the center's recycling bin.

It’s no secret Howard County takes pride in its veterans. According to the Census Bureau, between 2014 and 2018, 6,123 veterans called Howard County home. During the same time period, 390,220 veterans lived in the Hoosier State.

A tip of the hat to all the county clerks offices across Indiana that are embracing the vote-by-mail process and determined to make it work effectively for the safety of registered voters who don't want to have to choose between their health and the most cherished exercise of democracy, voting.

Teenagers have the ability to consider what adults say and still think for themselves. But like their younger siblings, they need adults’ help, preferably from Mom and Dad. I didn’t learn that by reading about teenagers. I learned it from personal experience, by observing and teaching them in high school classrooms for more than 40 years.

Along with many states, Indiana is moving slowly away from some restrictions in the stay-at-home or shelter-in-place orders implemented in late March. Over that six-week period, more Hoosiers died of COVID-19 than died in the Vietnam War. The state’s economy experienced unprecedented damage. The next jobs report will be the worst since the Great Depression, even though it will understate the actual share of unemployed by 5% or more. State tax revenues were more than $1 billion beneath the expected level in April. While part of this reflects payment delays, we clearly face the bleakest government budgets in a lifetime.

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DAVID DUNCAN — The funeral for David Duncan was held Tuesday, May 26, 2020, with Pastor Joe Coquillard officiating. Burial followed at Sugarland Memory Gardens. Pallbearers were Joseph Seal, Michael Duncan, Mike Duncan, John Coy, Rick Halbert and Eric Hannah.

WILMA HAAG — A graveside service for Wilma T. Haag was held at 11 a.m. Friday, May 22, 2020, at St. John Catholic Cemetery in Loogootee, with Rev. Paul Whiteford officiating.