In an appearance on the Fox News program “The Story With Martha McCallum,” Vice President Mike Pence insisted voter fraud was common.


I love music. One Saturday a couple of years ago I spent the entire day just listening to various artists. I had asked myself the question, who was the best present or past African American male singer?

I never expected the COVID-19 pandemic. Nobody did, but we find ourselves in a crisis unlike any that I can remember. On Aug. 5, the Kokomo Tribune published a column by Leo Morris. He began by quoting George Santayana: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

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The return to school also marks the season of fall sports. Many of us had hoped that we’d be back to enjoying sporting events by now, but it seems increasingly unlikely we’ll see anything like a typical season. What we experienced so far, and what is happening now to athletics of all types, is important to think about in the context of the overall economy.

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It’s that time of the year again to practice the three R’s when creating an environment that is conducive to learning. I’m not talking about reading, writing and arithmetic but Routine, Repetition and Relaxation. These three elements are necessary to the process of learning.

Clouds are an ever-present source of interest and entertainment. Not only do they inspire songs, stories, paintings and pictures, they also help us predict weather patterns and plan for outdoor activities. So, what exactly is a cloud?

Most folks reading this have never heard of Wendell Hinkle Furry. A few people in Farmersburg, another small Hoosier town just south of birthplace in Prairieton, may recall his legacy. Otherwise, his life from 1907 to 1984 is a fading memory. A new book, author Larry Tye's “Demagogue: The Life and Long Shadow of Senator Joe McCarthy,” provides a 21st-century opportunity to reconsider Furry's story.

In the April 7, 2011 edition of Howey Politics Indiana, I offered up this analysis of the coming reapportionment: "New Congressional and legislative maps are being forged in the Indiana House and Senate and are expected to be made public next week. Whatever the specifics are, the new maps will likely paint a grim picture for Indiana Democrats."

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