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Mike Grant | Times Herald Boyd Company at the intersection of U.S. 50 and Troy Road has asked for a zoning change on 47 acres to help develop new business opportunities.

A relatively young business on Washington’s south side is looking to grow. Boyd and Company is already a construction, trucking and logistics firm operating on Troy Road. The company has now approached the city to change the zoning around its property as part of a long-range plan to expand its operations.

The company has asked the city of Washington to rezone 47 acres of its property from residential (R-3) to commercial (C-4). The city’s Planning Commission has recommended the change.

“That entire area has gone commercial,” said Don Spillman with the city’s Zoning Board. “We don’t see it going residential in the future.”

Boyd and Company officials say they have their first customer lined up to get on the property.

“We want to rezone the property to the south of us for a customer we have right now, Juwi Solar,” said Boyd CFO Kasey Igleheart. “It will be a five year project directly behind our current building.”

The project will be a storage yard for the company covering between eight and 10 acres. While it may not add much in terms of structures, it is expected to have a different impact.

“We anticipate it could add five to 10 new jobs,” said Igleheart.

“That’s always good,” said Mayor Joe Wellman. “Every job you add is another person with a paycheck.”

That storage yard though is just the beginning of what the company hopes will be a much bigger operation along Troy Road.

“In the future, this will be rezoned to bring in other businesses in the logistics industry,” said Igleheart. “We are working on some warehousing contracts as well as some packaging contracts, so this could bring several other businesses behind us which we would likely be running.”

Bryant Niehoff with the Daviess County Economic Development Corporation says that business building organization is familiar with the Boyd plans.

“We have had some preliminary discussions with them and they are working on some fantastic opportunities in logistics and warehousing,” said Niehoff.

He points out that with some of the road improvements and road plans, Daviess County is in a good position to take advantage of those types of businesses.

“We are now located on I-69 and that connects us to the rest of the world,” said Niehoff. “And with the discussions about the Mid-State corridor possibly reaching into this county, that just builds the case for increases in those areas.”

While Boyd and the EDC have nothing formal yet, that could change as new projects come in and move forward.

“We are supportive of what Boyd is doing and excited to see what all they come up with,” said Niehoff. “If they need our help in any way, we are more than happy to jump in. We are here to help business grow and this is a great time to be in business in Daviess County.”

The city council is expected to vote on the zoning change at its meeting Tuesday night.

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