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The Washington Police Department has a little different kind of reserve officer. Normally officers with the department are younger men and women looking to get some experience and a foot hold toward landing a full time job. But Washington’s newest reserve has no desire to be any more than a reserve.

Mark Hudson became the newest reserve officer after retiring from the Crane Police force.

“He wants to help out at the schools,” said Washington Police Chief Todd Church. “He will be a presence at our schools where we have gaps. With that much law enforcement experience it was a no brainer, and we can always use more help in our schools and more police presence.”

Hudson was an officer at Crane for 15 years, but he also volunteered as a reserve officer for 25 years in Marion, Morgan and Daviess counties. His involvement in law enforcement dates back to 1977.

“I retired last summer,” said Hudson. “I can’t think of anything better than trying to make our children safer, so that’s what I’m going to do.”

Church says that the newest reserve brought the idea of working in the schools to the department.

“He approached us,” said Church. “He just wants to work inside the schools and provide security. He doesn’t want to do any of the road stuff.”

The additional officer in the schools is something the police department welcomes. Currently there is one school resource officer for the Washington Schools and its six buildings.

“The extra help, especially with the experience, we were more than happy to get,” said Church. “We have one full-time SRO. Mark wanted to be an SRO and help out at the schools and that’s great. We don’t find very many with that kind of experience who want to work at the schools.”

Hudson will work both with the current SRO, Colin Cornelius, and independently by putting in more time at the elementary schools.

“He’s going to work with Colin and go to our grade schools,” said Church. “We will send him to the school resource officer course so he can see how that functions.”

Washington Mayor Joe Wellman was also pleased with the addition of the senior reserve officer.

“He wants to continue doing some law enforcement work,” said Wellman. “Working in the schools, he will be a good assistant to them.”

“He’s a guy who retired who apparently doesn’t want to be retired,” added Church. “It worked out perfectly for us.”

Mark Hudson is the father of current Washington Police Officer Barry Hudson.

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