One of the most utilized parts of the Daviess Community Hospital is about to get a major renovation.

The Daviess Community Hospital Board has begun working on plans to completely redo the emergency department.

“This was in our strategic planning,” said Daviess Community Hospital CEO Tracy Conroy. “We are looking at a major redesign and renovation that will start in the parking lot and extend all the way through admissions, treatment and discharge.”

Officials say the project is expected to take 18 months to two years. The board has set aside $1 million to get the project started.

“This will continue into next year’s budget,” said Conroy. “There will be more money put into the project then.”

In an attempt to get the project right, the hospital is talking with emergency department staff and community members to try and improve the experience for patients.

“One thing we are looking at is a way to improve the flow,” said Conroy. “We want patients to be able to get in quickly and move through the process. We want to see what we can do with the design to help move that along.”

In the last couple of years, the hospital has seen some major changes that impact the emergency department. Those include a new doctor’s group that was brought in to provide services.

The other major change has been the hospital taking over the operation of the ambulance service, and all of that happening while a major pandemic was impacting health care in the community.

“We are just getting going on this,” said Conroy. “We have a lot of work to do. We do expect to have a better idea on what we will do by the end of the summer.”

Officials say the plan is to come up with an emergency department that works for everyone.

“We want to design a department that works well for the patients, the hospital, the community and the staff,” said Conroy.

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