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Daviess-Martin CISMA met Wednesday June 23, 2021, at the Daviess County 4-H Building – Eastside Park. Washington.

In attendance were Emily Finch (SWCD), Karen Whorrall, Mary Smith, Teresa Harder (Martin SWCD) and Megan Frederick (Daviess SWCD).

Emily Finch shared handouts on Japanese stiltgrass and presented a short ppt about the invasive and the various control options. Due to the low meeting turnout she will look into recording this presentation to share with more CISMA members online. She noted that July and early August are the best time to control this invasive, as plants must be prevented from flowering/seeding, and control options earlier in the summer are limited to specific herbicide products.

Some upcoming events include the Indiana CISMA Conference August 5 (virtual event, registration required), and SIPAC Landowner Invasive Training September 11 (registration required, $20).

The Glendale Weed Wrangle was a good day but had a very low turnout. Group discussed the challenge in getting people to travel to Glendale for events, may look at locations closer to people for future events, such as the Washington Conservation Club. Finch will reach out to club contacts to see if they would be interested in a workday or ID walk there later this year.

Finch also presented at a Martin Co. 4-H council meeting, primarily about P-poison hemlock.

Finch reported that this week she would be wrapping up the majority of the SWCD’s invasive roadside mapping work in Daviess and Martin counties. In addition to poison hemlock, quite a bit of wild parsnip was found in both Daviess and Martin counties. Martin county also had a new early detection invasive species find, Japanese spiraea.

Finch reported that with so much to do with the invasive roadside mapping and delayed site visits for landowners, any work on new invasive species videos is currently postponed.

Upcoming projects/events: Martin County Fair (July 9-13): Finch will set up the booth on Friday the 9th. Karen volunteered to help take down the booth. Finch will send out an email for any additional volunteers to staff it.

White River Valley Antique Show (Sep 9-12): Finch reported that she did find the event dates online and so assumes it will be taking place this year. She will check with Marion to see if the master gardeners are planning a booth again, and if we can share that space.

Other events or outreach opportunities from members: Discussed holding another weed wrangle or ID walk, perhaps at a more well-trafficked area like West Boggs or the Washington Conservation Club.

Members can share any other updates or topics for discussion: Whorrall shared that the midwest native plant conference will be July 22-26. Also discussed, to check to make sure the Sycamore Land Trust is on our email list.

Discussed low meeting turnout when we tried scheduling multiple meetings ahead. Decided we should go back to scheduling one meeting at a time. Finch will send out a doodle poll to schedule a meeting for late July or August.

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