The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority has made available limited funds for Summer Cooling Assistance for current clients in households with vulnerable populations. A benefit of up to $200 to an electric account, as well as a window air conditioner unit may be available.

Energy Assistance Coordinator Hayley Mincey said, “Although clients will not be eligible to receive a flat “Summer Cool” benefit to their electric account, some families may be eligible to receive assistance if they are in a disconnect status.”

In order to be eligible for the Summer Crisis benefit, a client household must:

• Have applied and been determined eligible for LIHEAP during past heating season.

• Include at least one household member who meets the criteria for an “at-risk” or vulnerable population (i.e., elderly, disabled, child aged 5 or under, or veteran).

• Present an electric utility bill that is scheduled for disconnection or already disconnected or will be within 10 days of running out of funds on a prepaid electric account.

In order to be eligible for an AC unit, the above criteria and the following additional requirements must be met:

• Dwelling does not have a central air conditioning system installed or has a central air conditioning system that is installed but is not operational.

• Member of the household has a medical condition that makes air conditioning necessary in order to ensure health and safety, verified by a physician or nurse practitioner on the Air Conditioner Affidavit form.

• Household has not received a window air conditioner paid for with LIHEAP funds in the past five years.

• Applicant has signed Air Conditioner Affidavit agreeing to all terms, including prohibition on selling or transferring the air conditioner unit for a period of five (5) years.

While it is unfortunate that we are unable to assist with a regular benefit to households this summer, we are pleased to have been able to assist nearly 3,000 households this past winter. Please be sure to apply with Pace when applications are available for the 2019-2020 program year. Call 812-882-7927, Ext. 2 for more information.

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