Looking Back: Washington Street Railway

Photo Provided by the Daviess County Museum

Copy of an undated photograph (ca. 1900-1910) of two unidentified men standing on a summer (open) electric street car operated by Washington Street Railway in Washington. The street car system was established by James C. Lavelle and Associates in 1887 using horse drawn cars. The tracks ran from East Seventh Street down Main Street to West Seventh Street and back on Walnut Street to East Seventh. In 1892 Ziba F. Graham purchased the company and converted the street cars to electricity which was supplied by a generating plant owned by Mr. Graham. The city of Washington bought the Washington Street Railway from Mr. Graham in 1923. The electric railway was expanded to 2.7 miles and ran from Eastside Park to the B & O Shops on the west side of Washington. Washington Street Railway was discontinued on Oct. 31, 1935, due to a continuing operating deficit.