Police in Evansville nab man wanted in Daviess County

A man convicted on multiple charges in Daviess Superior Court last month was arrested Monday in Evansville. The Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Department arrested Chad Bosse, 40, Evansville, on charges of possession of a syringe, possession of cocaine or other narcotic drug, possession of paraphernalia and failure to appear. At the same time they arrested his brother Jeremy James Bosse, 38, Evansville, on a charge of assisting a criminal.

Daviess County Court records indicate that Chad Bosse was being held for trial in connection with his arrest in June of 2018 for possession of a syringe, burglary, theft and neglect of a dependent along with two other people when he received a furlough to attend his mother’s funeral in Evansville. The funeral was held on June 20 and Bosse never returned to custody.

During that time Bosse was tried in Daviess Superior Court on his outstanding charges in Daviess County and convicted. In addition that same jury found him to be an habitual criminal.

Besides the burglary, theft, neglect of a dependent, and possession of a syringe and habitual criminal convictions, Bosse faces the new charges in Evansville of possession of a syringe, possession of cocaine or other narcotic drug and possession of paraphernalia.

He also has a warrant for failure to return to lawful detention and faces a contempt charge for violation of a court order that he return from the furlough.

Bosse is set for sentencing September 12.

Jeremy James Bosse was released on bond from the Vanderburgh County Jail on Tuesday.

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