The Rotary Club of Washington held four meetings during the month of July.

On July 10, Rotary hosted Washington Community Schools superintendent, Dr. Dan Roach. Dr. Roach discussed the proposed building project that will be on the ballot in November. The current proposal calls for a new junior high to be built that will house grades 5-8 where grades 5-6 will share a wing as will grades 7-8. They will also have separate cafeterias for 5-6 and 7-8.

Also included is a 1200 person gym, fieldhouse to include three multi-purpose courts, outdoor football and track and field facility. The current plan allows for 20% growth into the new building. There is a $38 million cap on the project. A tax calculator is tentatively scheduled to be on the school website next week so all voters can calculate the estimated increases. As Roach said, this building project can further help develop our city and community.

On July 17 the group heard from the new Rotary Club of Washington president, David Stowers. President Stowers discussed the vision for his presidency.

On July 24 the group welcomed Rotary’s newest district governor, Santhana Naidu, to the club for lunch and program. Naidu is part of the Terre Haute Rotary Club and current chief marketing officer for Indiana State University. Santhana shared his vision for the district over the next year.

On July 31 the group was honored to have the auditor of Indiana, Tera Klutz, as its featured presenter. Klutz is the first CPA to hold the office of auditor. What does the auditor do? Pays over 30,000 state employees; pays over 80,000 state vendors; sits on multiple financial boards; accounting and reporting for the state; distribute money to county auditors. What doesn’t the office do? Audit! Be sure to check out the Indiana’s transparency portal at www.IN.Gov/ITP

Upcoming Events:

Rotary will hold four meetings in June, presenters include:

Wednesday, August 7: Office Community and Rural Affairs

Wednesday, August 14: Dr. Tonya de la Vergne and Dr. John Stafford – Pediatrician and OB/GYN MDs new to DCH

Wednesday, August 21: Daviess Coounty Partnership Stepping Forward Program

Wednesday, August 28: Tom Danehy, YMCA

The group invites anyone to join at noon Wednesdays at the Daviess Community Hospital, Education Rooms 2 and 3, located near the

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