Giving back to the community is why the United Way of Daviess County is part of the non-profit organization’s mission. Now, thanks to a gift from the estate and trust of one woman, the organization will be able to do even more of that.

“At the end of 2017, our United Way was left with a large amount of money from Mrs. Virginia Adams’ estate and trust,” said Zella Taylor, executive director of the United Way of Daviess County. “We were one of five agencies in Daviess County that was blessed with these dollars.”

Adams, who passed July 29, 2016 at the age of 95, had been an office clerk at Uniroyal for 29 years and was a member of Christ United Methodist Church.

Wanting to keep Adams’ generosity alive, members of the local United Way board made the decision to create an endowment to grow the gift left to the non-profit by creating an endowment with the Daviess County Community Foundation.

“We are excited about being able to secure and invest in our future by placing over $140,000 from Mrs. Adams’ estate and trust into our Community Foundation fund,” said Taylor, who said the gift will help produce additional reserves for years to come that will be used for special impact work and projects. “It was a blessing for Mrs. Adams to have thought of the United Way of Daviess County at her time of passing.”

Some of the money left by Adams also went to place a park bench in her name at Eastside Park, near the concession stand. The metal bench bears a plaque with Adams name and was placed in the spring.

Jordan Sherman, treasurer for the United Way, said creating an endowment with the Community Foundation was a good decision.

“The United Way is fortunate to already have an existing relationship with the Community Foundation,” said Sherman. “This endowment will help us ensure that Mrs. Adams’ gift is protected and benefits the community for many years to come.

Mary Smith, development director for the Daviess County Community Foundation, said creating an endowment is one way to ensure the Adams gift will also be there.

“We are very pleased that the United Way has chosen to build their endowment fund. By doing so, the gift leaves a lasting legacy by providing grants to the United Way to support their important work and provide a lasting source to fuel vital programs forever,” said Smith.

Community Foundation houses a collection of endowed assets totaling more than $12,039,410 held in named funds that support a variety of causes.

For more information on the Daviess County Community Foundation call 812-254-9354. For more information on the United Way of Daviess County call 812-254-1038.

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