Washington woman charged with battering infant

Kaylyn Jones

A Washington woman is facing multiple charges stemming from injuries suffered by a six month old boy that had been left in her care. The Washington Police Department arrested Kaylyn A. Jones, 20, of Washington, Tuesday, on a warrant charging her with two counts of aggravated battery, battery resulting in serious bodily injury to a person under 14 years of age and neglect of a dependent resulting in serious bodily injury.

Authorities say the charges stem from events on Jan. 16. According to a probable cause affidavit filed in Daviess Superior Court by Greene County Sheriff's Deputy Jim O'Malley, Jones was the babysitter for the boy while his mother, who lives in Bloomfield, was working at Perdue.

O'Malley says he questioned the boy's mother after the infant had been treated at the Greene County Hospital and Riley Children's Hospital for a skull fracture and a broken arm. The mother told him the child had been fine when she dropped him off at Jones' home. She said when she picked him up, she noticed a bruise on the boy's head and he whimpered when she touched his arm. After taking him home, she took him to the hospital where officials reported the injuries were "characteristic of non-accidental/inflicted trauma."

The next day, O'Malley said he questioned Jones who initially denied doing anything to hurt the child but following extended questioning, Jones told O'Malley that "she sometimes becomes very annoyed and gets annoyed easily." Jones told him she sometimes punches and kicks things. She stated she left the child alone to prepare a bottle for him and when she returned he had rolled off the couch and was on the floor.

Jones said she was very annoyed by the boy and picked him up by his left arm and threw him back onto the couch, using considerable force.

Officers continued to question Jones about the child's head injury and she denied several times any knowledge of the injury before admitting to dropping the child onto a concrete floor.

Besides the six month old boy, Jones also watches her one-year-old daughter. O'Malley said, "Kaylyn reported she sometimes blacks out and she dropped the infant." She stated, "I couldn't handle both kids and I took it out on him."

Jones was being held in the Daviess County Jail on $25,000 bond. So far, no date has been set for her court appearance. All of the charges are level 3 felonies and each charge carries a potential penalty of 3 to 16 years in jail with the advisory sentence being 9 years.

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