Parkview Village in Odon will offer homes to area seniors

Land is being prepared for the new Parkview Village Christian Care Center on CR 900E near Odon. The center will eventually offer a 40-bed nursing home and 30 independent living apartments---Photo By Kelly Overton.

ODON — A non-profit group has formed to plan and build a new independent living center near Odon.

According to Amos Stoll, board president of Parkview Village Christian Care Inc., a group of local Mennonites started working on the idea for a Christian living center about a year ago. Melvin Paulus’ mother-in-law was living in a similar facility in Oregon, and he saw a need for one here.

A survey said the center was feasible, so the group incorporated, elected a seven-member board of directors and received tax-exempt status.

Working with a consultant from Goshen, Glen Yoder, the group is planning to build the center on 10 acres on CR 900E, just across from the Odon Park, donated by Joe and Betty Haskins and David Wagler Jr.

Betty Haskins said Stoll originally approached her husband to purchase the land, and they decided to donate it because “we thought it was a good thing to donate to the community.”

“I think it’s going to be a big thing for the people in our area,” she said.

Wagler also donated for the good of the community because “there’s always a need for a place like that.”

Through six phases, Parkview Village Christian Care Inc. will construct about 30 independent living apartments as needed and end with a 40-bed nursing home. The project’s timetable will be determined by the level of demand, said Stoll.

Based on Christian care, the center is geared toward widows who don’t feel comfortable living alone and seniors who might have trouble with day-to-day household tasks, said Stoll. Employees will help residents remember to take their medications on time, serve meals in their apartments and wash bed linens.

Each apartment will include a kitchen, family room and at least one bedroom. Residents will also be able to access their own laundry area. A central activity building will provide a place to sit with friends in front of the fireplace and watch television or attend Sunday church services.

The town of Odon has agreed to annex the center, said Stoll, and will provide water and sewer services.

“The entire community’s really enthused about it,” he added.

The site is already being graded, and Stoll said construction should start in about a month. A big fund-raising event is planned for later this fall and he hopes the first units will be ready in the spring.

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