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Daviess County Deputy Hunter Goble recently graduated from the Indiana Police Law Enforcement Academy.

The Daviess County Sheriff’s Department celebrated the addition of another deputy over the weekend. Deputy Hunter Goble graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy.

“Hunter is a really good guy and it is good to see him graduate from the academy,” said Daviess County Sheriff Gary Allison. “He is looking forward to getting to work and we are glad to have him as a deputy.”

Police officers and deputies around the state are required to graduate from the law enforcement academy in order to retain their police powers. Getting into and through the academy during the pandemic has been difficult.

“Hunter had to take a week out when he was exposed to the coronavirus while at the academy,” said Allison. “He, fortunately, did not come down with COVID and was able to complete his work.”

Daviess County has had a number of older deputies leave the force in the last year. The department has lined up replacements, but the COVID outbreak has made it difficult to get them through the academy.

“We had three guys that were all set to go this past summer, but with the virus outbreak things all got changed,” said Allison. “Hunter is the first to finally get in and through the academy.”

Daviess County is still trying to get deputies A. J. Sellers and Chris Myers through the academy.

“They started their virtual work last week,” said Allison. “They will be heading to the academy next week.”

Once those two officers complete their training the sheriff’s office will be at full-staff for a few days.

“Deputy Dwain Jolliff has put in his resignation,” said Allison. “We have already begun the search for his replacement. It will probably take us another year before we get the new deputy in place.”

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