Chicken has a lot of versatility.

We love grilled chicken, more specifically grilled boneless and skinless chicken breast. I’ll agree it’s not so exciting, but if we plan things correctly and grill four or five breasts on the weekend we have lunches that Liz and I can take to work as well as a couple quick and easy dinners.

Let’s first discuss the best way to grill your chicken. Remember, this is boneless and skinless chicken, so the standard mistake is to grill directly over the flame the entire time, and by the time the internal temperature has reached a safe 160 to 165 degrees, the outside of the breasts are overly-charred and dried out. The solution? Yep, you’ve got it. Indirect heat.

We season the breasts with sea salt, granulated garlic and coarsely ground black pepper and place the breasts on the side of the grill opposite the flame. Close the lid and allow the chicken to “bake” for 30 minutes or so, or until the internal temperature hits around 145 degrees. Finish the chicken directly over the flame, which will add a nice grilled texture and color. Pull the breasts when they hit 155 to 160 degrees or so.

Now let’s talk about what we do throughout the week with this beautifully grilled chicken. Simply put, we love salads for lunch. So, after the chicken cools, we cut a couple of the breasts into small bite-sized pieces and place in a zip lock back exclusively for salads. The evening before we create our salads standard stuff like lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, etc.) and place them in a plastic container whose name starts with a “T.” I can’t use the name because I unexpectedly heard from their lawyers the last time I used their brand name in this column. And here I thought I was giving them a nice “plug.” Anyway, that’s a whole story in and of itself. Another great salad choice is grilled chicken salad, using plain Greek yogurt, slivered almonds and celery. Let’s move to one of our dinner dishes.

Cashew chicken stir fry ingredients

1 lb of grilled chicken breast cut into bite-sized pieces

1 bunch of broccoli florets – cut into bite-sized pieces

2 red bell peppers – bite-sized chunks

2 yellow bell peppers – bite-sized chunks

1 ½ cups of dry roasted cashews – unsalted

2 cloves of garlic – crushed

2 Tbs sesame oil

1 Tbs olive oil

3 Tbs soy sauce

2 Tbs rice wine vinegar

1 Tbs honey

2 Tbs sriracha sauce (depends on how spicy you like it)

2 Tbs cornstarch

In a wok over medium-high heat, add the oils, the broccoli and the red and yellow bell peppers. Saute’ and stir for 4 to 5 minutes. Now add the garlic and sauté for another 2 minutes.

In a bowl, mix the sauces, vinegar, honey and cornstarch. To the wok now add the grilled chicken and the cashews and stir. Place the lid on the wok to warm the chicken through. Lastly, add the sauce mixture and stir until the sauce has thickened and everything is nicely glazed. If the broccoli is still too crunchy for you (a little crunch is preferred) just place the lid on again until you reach the “crunchiness” of your choice. Serve on a bed of brown rice or riced cauliflower with extra soy sauce on the side. Enjoy!

Dave Lobeck is an Edward Jones Financial Advisor in Jeffersonville Indiana by day and a BBQ enthusiast on nights and weekends. Liz is his wife. You can contact Dave with your BBQ, cooking or grilling questions at You can also visit their YouTube channel at .

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