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High schools in Indiana are going through some big changes as they begin to embrace the new Pathways to graduation curriculums. Washington is …

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An active shooter at Lebanon High School Friday “killed” two students and injured more. We already know that the public address system failed during the incident that began around 10:40 a.m. The shooter was subdued shortly after 11 a.m. His weapon was an air horn.

Indiana’s legislature sets the rules for how money for schools is divvied up. Lawmakers determine what each district gets, how much charter schools get, how much is handed out as vouchers to send kids to private schools.

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The Washington Community School Board unanimously approved a budget for 2020 of $25.5 million. The budget passed without comment. Officials sa…

Schools officials took threat report seriously

A situation last week at a middle school football game in Sullivan illustrated the complications of public safety in 2019.