Baxter competes at Kokomo

WHS student Ashton Baxter recently went to Kokomo at Workhorse Gym for weight-lifting contest with the Anytime Fitness lifting team. Baxter, a 16-year-old, 10th grader, who competed in the 148 lb. high school weight class and set three records. His squat was 347 lbs., his bench was 220 lbs. His deadlift was 418, with a total of 985. Baxter said he has been lifting for about three years now and it was something he took up because, “It was something people I looked up to did. It is something I enjoy and would like to continue doing.” Baxter said he wrestled and ran track in Junior High School, but he hopes to play football this fall. New WHS football coach Joe Morris added that he had noticed Baxter in the weight room and thinks he can be a real team leader (in the weight room) with his dedication to lifting.”