MONTGOMERY — Area golfers found out Mother Nature is a high-handicapper who would have just as soon to have rolled over and went back to sleep instead of playing in the Country Oaks Classic on Saturday morning.

Both the Friday night shootout and the two-day Classic were washed away as tumultuous storms continued to pound the area all weekend

“We thought we were in good shape on Friday, but then got hit hard Friday night,” said Country Oaks general manager Trey Miller.

The event was pushed back twice before it was cancelled on Saturday. There were 115 players signed up, but no groups were able to to tee off.

The event had never been cancelled, but it was cut down to a one-day affair in 2006.

“We were able to do that then, but all our players were pre-flighted. What we do now is to flight players after the first round,” said Miller.

“I don’t know if we could have gone Sunday anyway, as we had all kind of weather delays then too.”

Miller said that half of the fairway was under water on No. 18 and No. 13 was an “island green.” He also said they had a creek that formed from No. 17 all the way across the course to No. 1.

“I want to thank the greens crew for all the work they did to try to get it ready. I know we had a lot of disappointed people because the Classic means a lot to the community. From an economic standpoint there are a lot of people who eat and stay in the community for this,” said Miller.

“We may try to do something in the fall, maybe a one-day event.”

Miller said the shootout will be rescheduled, but a date has not been set yet. The shootout is a “last-man-standing” event, where the player with the highest score on each hole is eliminated. Players either qualify or are sponsored by local clubs and social organizations.

“This is the third straight shootout that has been cancelled. It was rained out in June and again in August last year,” said Miller.

“We will do everything we can to bounce back in 2020 and hopefully that will be the biggest and best Classic yet,” he added.

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